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Developers have made hundreds of applications from city data.

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Mobile Applications
  • Cycling has many advantages over driving, but both have a common dilemma: where to park. Need to find a bike rack? If you’re in Seattle, VeloRacks offers detailed information about nearby bike racks and businesses. (Powered by Seattle city data.)

  • Sick in New York City? Need to get to a hospital or medical center? Help Me I’m Sick is an iOS app that finds medical services near you. Call the facility or see a map to its location with the press of a button. (Powered by New York city data.)

  • Crime mapping helps the public get a better idea of the crime activity in their area so they can make more informed decisions about how to stay safe. (Powered by Lexington city data).

  • Roadify helps commuters get the information they need from official sources, while also allowing them to help one another along the way by adding reports of their own. Roadify focuses on real-time transit information accessible anytime and (eventually) in any city.

  • SFpark lets you check parking availability and pricing from your iPhone. (Powered by San Francisco data.)

  • “Scene Near Me” alerts you when you are near famous NYC film scenes. Available on the iPhone. (Powered by New York City data.)

  • Mom Maps helps you find family fun places, kid friendly locations on the go! Search an extensive list of kid-friendly parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums, and indoor play areas. Search by category or zip code and you’re good to go! (Powered by Seattle city data.)

Web Applications

Seattle Rain Watch

Keep track of the rain forecast in real time.

Clear Streets

Plow Tracker tracks the city’s snow plows in real time to figure out which streets have been plowed. (Power by Chicago city data.)

Funday Genie

Funday Genie is an application for planning a free day in New York City, with things to do, events, attractions, restaurants, and shopping. (Powered by New York City data.)

Chicago Public School Tiers

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) places every part of the city into one of four socio-economic “tiers.” This tool helps you find what CPS tier you are in.

Open Government Data Used: US Census Bureau, Department of Commerce – Chicago Census Tracts (2010)

Crime in Chicagoland

Crime in Chicagoland created by the Chicago Tribune is an interactive analysis of crime across the greater Chicago metropolitan region, including: street-level detail about crimes reported in Chicago communities, one-year and 12-year crime graphs for a longer-term view, and the latest annual data for more than 250 Chicagoland municipalities.

Open Government Data Used: Chicago – Crimes – 2001 to Present