Education and Training Data

Education and training data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has information about education and training requirements for hundreds of occupations, which can be used to help estimate the education and training needs for the labor force as a whole, the level of education achieved by current workers in particular occupations, as well as the outlook for the future education and training needs.


11 Responses to “Education and Training Data”

  1. Angelo Segalla

    Need some data for my statistics class

  2. zain naj

    I need training and testing datasets for a data mining task.

  3. Jeanne Holm

    Could you be more specific about what you need?

  4. tao

    I need the data!

  5. jocci

    Can you tell me where I can find the data that concludes every state’s education, power, population, etc.
    Thank you!

  6. Billy Johnson

    I am looking for data on the percentage of African American men that complete college in Information Technology. I also am looking for the percentage of African American men that are unemployed versus other races and ethnicities, please.

  7. Kimberly Young

    I’m looking for data sets for my dissertation. I’m interested in transfer student success at four year universities. Specifically, I’m trying to understand what type of administrative leadership will assist with their successful matriculation. I am new to this particular site so I’m trying to learn to navigate. Any help would be appreciated!


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