Federal Agencies Get Guidance On New Data-Sharing Mandate | HPC Wire

In May, the White House issued an executive that requires government agencies to share data, with the idea that data is a national asset and will help fuel innovation, economic growth, and government efficiency. At the same time, the government adopted a new Open Data Policy that required all newly generated government data to be shared with the public, in machine-readable format, such as CSV or TEXT files. 

This month, the White House‚Äôs Office of Science and Technology Policy provided guidance to help the agencies do exactly that. The assistance from the OSTP takes several forms, including: directions on how agencies can inventory and publish data; a set of FAQs on how the new policy affects the federal acquisition and grant-making process; a framework for creating measurable goals that agencies can use to track their progress; and a set of free tools, case studies, and other resources that agencies can download from the Project Open Data website at http://project-open-data.github.io.