GOOD 100: Meet Todd Park, Fueling Innovation Through Free Data | GOOD

United States Chief Technology Officer Todd Park says one of his biggest projects in 2013 is scaling up the Open Data Initiatives program – an effort to make government data and information resources publicly available and easily accessible, in a machine-readable format, as fuel for innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific discovery. Using the National Weather Service as a model, which began making its weather data available for free electronic download a few decades ago, Park hopes to allow entrepreneurs to utilize the data to create improvements on our lives and generate billions of dollars in annual economic value. “Through the Open Data Initiatives program, we are working hard to replicate and expand upon these successes,” Park says. “Thousands of major government data resources across fields such as health and medicine, education, energy, public safety, and finance have been posted in ‘computer-readable’ form for free public access on the website.”