Introducing Data.Gov Next Generation

A picture of the Next starts an exciting new chapter in its evolution to make government data more accessible and usable than ever before. The data catalog website that broke new ground just two years ago, is once again redefining the Open Data experience. Learn more about’s transformation into a cloud-based open data platform for citizens, developers, and government agencies in this introductory video.

Redefining the Citizen Experience

The Next Generation platform makes public data universally accessible in an engaging online experience. You can interactively discover, explore, share, and contribute to data. Whether it’s finding relevant data, visualizing it with charts and maps, or sharing it on social networks, makes it easy.

Empowering Agencies

Government agencies will now find it easier to share their public data. Agencies can upload their data to the FISMA-compliant cloud platform, link it in real-time to systems of record, or even federate data from their own sites. brings it all together into one virtualized government-wide catalog.

Enabling Developers

Every dataset hosted on the Next Generation platform is readily and uniformly accessible programmatically. The RESTful APIs are open, non-proprietary, standards-based, and widely used in the open data community. Learn more on