Remarks by the President Presenting New Management Agenda : White House Briefing Room

… “[A]s anyone knows, dealing with the federal government is not always high-technology and it’s not always user-friendly. So over the past four and a half years, we’ve worked diligently to change that. …

… “[F]or the first time in history, we’ve opened up huge amounts of government data to the American people, and put it on the Internet for free.  At, you can search through and download more than 75,000 data sets — data on everything from what different hospitals charge for different procedures, to credit card complaints, to weather and climate measurements.  And what’s happening is entrepreneurs and business owners are now using that data — the people’s data –to create jobs and solve problems that government can’t solve by itself or can’t do as efficiently.

“So there’s a company called Opower, for example, that’s used open government data on general energy trends and weather to help families save more than $300 million on their energy bills.  There’s another company called iTriage — founded by two emergency room doctors — that is using freely downloadable data about health care providers from the Department of Health and Human Services to help more than 9 million people find the closest doctors and hospitals that meet their needs.  And the list goes on.  And these companies have now hired hundreds of people and they’re still hiring.  And millions of people have already used these applications that were created as a consequence of releasing this data.”