What is NASA doing with Big Data today? – open.NASA

We will also continue to leverage data.gov to enable users to locate relevant high quality data and easy to use tools and applications.

We set a goal to “create new opportunities for enhanced coordination across NASA’s Big Data activities, and expanded cooperation with other agencies” with the intention of encouraging citizens to utilize raw datasets and create applications relevant to NASA’s mission. Yesterday, NASA joined the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy’s Office of Science to announce the “Big Data Challenge“, a series of competitions which will be hosted on the TopCoder platform. Competitors will be tasked with imagining mobile apps that find new value hidden in discrete government information domains and then describing how they may be shared as universal, cross-agency solutions that transcend the limitations of individual silos. This is a fresh new opportunity to work with us and help conceptualize new and novel approaches that our critical to the future success of government and we encourage you to check it out.