Healthy Hive leverages federal and state open healthcare data and transforms it into actionable content for consumer empowerment. A comparison tool allows consumers to review quality assessments for over 4,000 hospitals, 12,000 home health agencies, and 15,000 nursing homes using federal open … Continued

Medicaid Long Term Care Guide

Every state has individual programs and eligibility requirements for their Medicaid long term care. Medicaid long term care is a partnership between the state and federal government with the goal of taking care of each state‚Äôs aged, blind, or disabled … Continued

Safe Eats

Get detailed information, grades, violations, and Yelp reviews for the 24,000+ NYC food locations throughout the five boroughs in an easy-to-use and full-featured App. Know before you go. Directory of Eateries Food Environment Atlas

Papaya Head

Family Meal Planning Website that allows each family member to fill out a unique profile of likes, dislikes, allergies, and unique nutritional requirements.

Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM)

REMM provides guidance for health care providers, primarily physicians, about clinical diagnosis and treatment of radiation injury during radiological and nuclear emergencies. REMM provides just-in-time, evidence-based, usable information with sufficient background and context to make complex issues understandable to those … Continued