FlockPlenty – Chicken Egg Tracker

Now it’s fun and easy to track the health of your flock. Learn how your chickens grow and identify potential problems with clear and insightful graphs of eggs and feed. Take pictures and notes so you remember those special moments as your cute little chicks become laying hens. Keep track of your sales and expenses to measure your profits and productivity. CropScape – Cropland Data Layer
Application URL: http://farmplenty.com/
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iOS App Download URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flockplenty-chicken-egg-tracker/id1017524534?mt=8

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2 Responses to “FlockPlenty – Chicken Egg Tracker”

  1. Rock Feathers

    Nice, useful app. Still needs a few more options though. Need to be able to search within the app. Like find a specific sale or purchase.
    Need a quantity option on the flock members. Instead of putting each individual chicken in, need an option for larger operations. Example being, 15 production white leghorns, 8 months old instead of putting every chicken in one at a time. These additions would be awesome!

  2. Nancy Almodovar

    Do you have a Google app for this? Not everyone has an iPhone or ipad. Thanks


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