Communities Bring Data to Life

On the home page, you’ll find links to lots of communities, on everything from Energy to Education, Ocean to Safety. Our communities are gathering spots for people with shared interests. You’ll find not only topic-relevant data but you’ll find it brought to life through apps, blogs, challenges and forums. On our communities, people from the private, non-profit, and academic sectors are making a difference to help people make smarter, safer choices; create jobs; and deliver value.

Supported by agencies across the Executive Branch,’s communities have engaged citizens in data jams and datapaloozas to build things – check out the apps you’ll find on them. These communities are one more way these data are inspiring entrepreneurship and creating value, all while rigorously protecting personal, proprietary, and national security information. In September, the Safety community’s datapalooza brought together people who used the data to save lives with such apps as PulsePoint from the San Ramon Fire Protection District, a mobile app that allows CPR-trained volunteers to be notified if someone nearby is in need of emergency assistance.

Six communities – Education, Health, Law, Energy, Safety, and Research (planned for launch later this year) – are identified in the U.S. National Action Plan to stimulate innovation as part of the international Open Government Partnership. Other communities, including BusinessUSA, Developer, Manufacturing, and Sustainable Supply Chain, are helping to build the economy and support the environment, too.

Keep an eye out for new communities and datapaloozas before year’s end. Recently, expanded its reach beyond federal data by launching its Cities community, and will go live with Counties and States communities soon. Manufacturing is hosting its first datapalooza on December 12 – watch for more information. Visit our communities and join the conversation!

Sally Ruth Bourrie supports Outreach and Communications for

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