Opening the World to Open Data

Making it possible for other countries to open their data has been part of’s work over the past year, and we have lots of news to report.

Here’s the background. In March, launched an open platform for sharing public data, a milestone in open government development. The Open Government Platform (OGPL) is a joint effort by the United States and India that will help governments enhance access and use of public data to foster innovation, improve delivery of services at all levels of government, and promote government transparency and accountability as well as public participation. OGPL combines and expands the best features of the U.S. “” and India’s “” sites, and is being offered to other governments around the world at no cost and without intellectual property constraints.

Rwanda and Ghana are the first pilot projects for OGPL, and Canada has just announced that its next-generation open data site ( will be using OGPL, too. Based on Drupal, the core software includes a data management system, web site, and social networking community support. OGPL also includes documentation to help governments create their national data sharing, privacy, and security policies; the full package, in early release, is available via a new web portal for download, comments, and open source development. As the project has progressed, OGPL has become an example of a new era of diplomatic collaboration that benefits the global community and promotes government transparency, enables citizen-focused applications, and enriches humanity. Learn more about OGPL.

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