There’s Gold Out There

As we wrote in an earlier post, millions of datasets are available by using, datasets with tremendous value for decision-making, entrepreneurship and government transparency. One of the biggest misperceptions about is that we host all these datasets. The reality is that all but a handful are hosted by the agencies where they originate. What does is make them available to you on one site, through one catalog.

When you go to our Raw Data Catalog, in the left column you’ll see a list of agencies, all of whom have provided datasets for your use. From the Broadcasting Board of Governors to the U.S. Office of the Special Counsel, these U.S. Government Executive Branch agencies offer a wealth of broad-based data. Find the 171 participating agencies here.

To make these datasets available to you, reaches out to access points the agencies provide. Even after the dataset has been input and approved for national security and quality, the agency retains responsibility for and control of the dataset.

Of course, regardless of where it’s hosted, the most important place for the data is in your hands to use to make daily life easier and better by educating people, creating jobs and enhancing government accountability.

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