Watch Us Grow – It’s Not Just the Numbers is constantly evolving to make data about America easier to find and use. We’re also actively encouraging a space for specific communities to share insights, best practices and the value they’ve created from what they found on So while we have hundreds of thousands of datasets, it’s not just about the numbers.

We are committed to open government and display all our metrics. In fact, we will be improving these metrics to encompass all the areas of our site and capture the traffic from all the activity. The real value of lies in the opportunities enabled by this data. Innovators across the world use the open data found at to create jobs, save lives and more.

We’ve also helped foster open data across the world. We’ve partnered with the government of India to create an open-source open government platform called OGPL. Now Ghana and Rwanda are joining as pilots for the open government model.

One constant at is that we will continue to break new ground. As we go, we’ll learn what works and some things that don’t – and we’ll keep trying new things so that we can continue to expand public access to their data and make it meaningful for everyone.

Sally Ruth Bourrie supports Outreach and Communications for

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  1. Scott

    Here’s to wishing you guys the best of success Sally.


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