Welcome to the Energy Community
admin // May 1st 2013

Energy.Data.Gov is where data and insight are combined to facilitate public discussion and awareness of our Nation’s energy activities. Whether you are interested in alternative fuels, managing buildings to be more energy efficient, or trying to manage energy in your own home, we have something for you. Look at the

The Energy Data Jam Goes on Tour
admin // Apr 12th 2013

2012 was a good year for American innovation. The outgrowth of the “Data Jam” from the health sector into other areas like energy and education sparked an inspiring wave of entrepreneurship. These Jams -- formerly known as Joint Application Modeling Sessions -- were a major improvement to the familiar format

Visualizing ocean traffic on Marine Cadastre
Marin Kress // Jun 12th 2017

When viewed from the shore the ocean may seem like a boundless resource with plenty of space, but the reality is quite different.  Coastal areas are home to shipping lanes used by commercial vessels, attractive fish habitat that supports commercial and recreational fisheries,  underground utility cables connecting people with essential services, and a variety of

Open Data Revolution to Fight Global Hunger // Jun 8th 2017

[caption id="attachment_24615517" align="alignnone" width="480"] USDA-NRCS rangeland scientist Emilio Carrillo uses an open data mobile app called LandPKS for sustainable land use management.[/caption] Every day, people around the world use data to make decisions.  When heading out of town, most of us use weather apps to check the forecast anywhere in the

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The Northeast Regional Ocean Council and Maritime Data
Marin Kress // May 10th 2017

When it comes to ocean planning, there are multiple user groups, activity types, natural resources, and physical forces to consider.  In the face of such complexity, local planning efforts can benefit from federally funded consistent data collection and sharing, especially when involving fluid resources that cross jurisdictional boundaries.  Regional councils create a space