Discover datasets for marine transportation, a critical part of our transportation system used for domestic and international trade, national security, research, and recreation. Explore data related to mapping and charting, energy use, commodity movement, international trade and finance, environmental sustainability, … Continued

Energy Infrastructure Intro

Here you will find scientific and technical information resources related to the potential impacts of climate change on the U.S. energy sector and other types of critical infrastructure. In an effort to enhance future energy security and the underlying knowledge … Continued

Transportation Topic Intro

Here you will find resources related to the impacts of climate change on transportation assets, transportation operations, and the transportation system. You may access the framing questions used to select the data and content available for this theme.  We welcome your feedback on how we … Continued

Human Health Topic Intro

The Human Health Theme section allows users to access data, information, and decision tools describing and analyzing climate change impacts on public health. Extreme heat and precipitation, air pollution, diseases carried by vectors, and food and water-borne illnesses are just … Continued

Ecosystems Vulnerability Topic Intro

Discover and access data, information, and decision tools describing and analyzing ecosystem vulnerability to climate change. The resources address the impacts of climate variability and change on water resources, wildfires, biodiversity, the prevalence of invasive species, and the ability of … Continued

Food Resilience Intro

Here you will find resources related to the impacts of climate change on the production and distribution of food. You will also find resources that show how climate change can impact international food security. Citizens, communities, businesses, and governments can … Continued

Coastal Flooding Intro

Here you will find resources that help shed light on the risks of near-term coastal flooding and future sea level rise scenarios. You can find tools from inside and outside government on coastal vulnerability and related climate change risks and … Continued

Ethics Intro

Use the catalog below to access the full version of ethics datasets from across the government. White House Disclosures Access ethics disclosures by the White House. FARA Records Search records under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), which requires persons acting as agents of foreign … Continued

Cities Intro

Open data is powering a new civic movement that is changing the way citizens experience our nation’s cities. Discover data and  apps that are creating new ways to explore cities, services, and information. If you don’t find your city here, let us know and … Continued

Counties Intro

Looking for ways to get services and find more about your neighborhood and your county? Connect with the apps and sites that give you information you need each day.

Ocean Introduction

Discover and access data, information, and decision tools related to our ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes. The National Ocean Council provides this site to support regional marine planning efforts across the country and to create a convenient place for anyone to find out … Continued

Energy Intro

Discover data and resources on key energy topics like alternative fuels, green buildings, efficiency, and managing energy in your own home.

Agriculture Intro

Explore data that can help inform agriculture investment, innovation and policy strategy. If you’re interested in agricultural production, food security, rural development, nutrition, natural resources, regional food systems, this page is for you.