The catalog on provides the ability to search and browse datasets, data series, tools, and products.

Finding Data federates data from hundreds of sources, including federal government, cities, counties, states, and universities. All contributing organizations are listed under “Organizations” in the top right.

To find datasets, you can:

  • Enter key words in the search box on any page
  • Browse on the left side through types, tags, formats, organizations, and publishers. ¬†Clicking on multiple items narrows your search.¬† When your results appear, you can click on the “x” to the side of any single item to remove it from the search, or “clear all” to remove all selected items in a category.
  • Search by a geospatial area, draw a boundary box on the map at the top left and click “Apply” to find all datasets that are tagged for that geographic area.

NOTE: when going to a specific dataset, you may be redirected to an organization’s web site, rather than getting a direct download.

There are many ways to provide feedback and contribute to the discussions on and this catalog.

This catalog is built on an open source data management system (CKAN) and a content management system (WordPress).  All the source code on is open source and available for download or contributions.

Counting Datasets

The total number of datasets reflects datasets plus data series and resources. A data series may contain a large number of additional products or files of the same type. Data resources are files that may be needed for context, formatting, or visualization of the dataset. (Note: The previous catalog counted the individual datasets and not just the series and therefore displayed a higher total number of datasets.)