Arctic Intro

arctic_icon_spaceThe Arctic is warming at a rate twice the global average, according to the 2018 Arctic Report Card. Warming temperatures, melting sea ice and glaciers, and thawing permafrost are having profound impacts on Arctic ecosystems, as well as Arctic residents and their ways of life. Changes in the Arctic are also impacting other parts of the world as melting glaciers contribute to global sea-level rise and warming temperatures in the Arctic latitudes affect global weather patterns. Here, you can discover and access data and information to understand the impacts of climate change in the Arctic and how changes in the Arctic impact other regions of the world. You will find resources that address the following issues:

– Arctic Oceans, Sea Ice, and Coasts

– Melting Glaciers, Snow, and Ice

– Arctic Weather and Extreme Events

– Permafrost and Arctic Landscapes

– Arctic Development and Transport

– Arctic Peoples and Ecosystems

– Arctic-Global Teleconnections

You may access the framing objectives used to select the data and content available for this theme.  We welcome your feedback on how we can make these data and resources more useful. For more information about these issues, explore the Climate Resilience Toolkit topic area for Arctic.