Launch of Food Resilience theme of Climate.Data.Gov

To help communities and individuals plan for the risks of drought, floods, and other climate-change-related impacts, the U.S. Government is releasing today a collection of datasets containing information relevant to the effects of climate change on the food system.

These data are also being made available via mapping services on The resources provided here can be used to answer a number of relevant questions, such as:


  1. How will crop yield and production of other food products be affected by changes in climate?
  2. What types of food and locations will be most vulnerable to changes in climate?
  3. How will changes in climate affect the types of food that can be grown in a location?
  4. Under what conditions (i.e., for what types of food and in what locations) will indirect effects of climate change (e.g., pests, pathogens, invasive species, and fire) overwhelm direct effects of increasing temperature and/or changes in precipitation, surface water, or ground water?


  1. What parts of the food supply chain will be most vulnerable to climate change?
  2. How will processing, storage, and transportation need to be modified to continue to supply safe food products under a changing climate?


  1. How will climate change impact foodborne illness that includes chemical as well as microbial sources?
  2. How will climate change affect the nutrient content of staple foods?
  3. How will the cost of a balanced diet be impacted under a changing climate?


  1. What countries are most vulnerable to climate change that affects food yield, quality, and availability?
  2. What segment of the population will be most vulnerable to changes in food prices?

2 Responses to “Launch of Food Resilience theme of Climate.Data.Gov”

  1. Rowland Gosling

    Thanks! This should help me with a series of events I’m doing on using the tools of Big Data with public data sets. Specifically I’m looking for ones emergency responders could use once these are loaded to Hadoop using a cloud-based approach.

  2. sai

    Please help me and guide me how to use these datasets to start analyze using BIG DATA. I am beginner in ths field.

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