Counties – Challenges

County and federal governments are using challenges to encourage developers to produce interesting analyses and applications with county and federal data. These apps help families explore their counties, help travelers get to their destinations faster and safer, and help residents understand the performance of their county government. Here are the results of some of these recent challenges and others that are still in progress.

Completed Challenges

This hackathon seeks to improve the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index by coming up with better and more accurate predictive models of metropolitan air pollution.

 Winner Announced!

Deadline: Monday, December 31, 2012

Check out for an ongoing list of open challenges and prizes for great uses of open data. Combine city and federal data to showcase your talents!

 Winner Announced!

The City of Seattle, King County and Washington State are thrilled to announce Evergreen Apps, a challenge designed to encourage the development of applications using government data while stimulating economic development throughout our state.

 Winner Announced!