Open Source is powered by two open source applications, CKAN and WordPress, and it is developed publicly on GitHub. Our public project management tool provides a bird’s eye view of all of the open source work currently being done on

Beyond, the Federal Government is part of a flourishing open source ecosystem. provides links to wide range of government open source projects.

Contribute to on GitHub

In the spirit of open source software, everyone is encouraged to help improve this project on GitHub. If you’re new to GitHub, check out Contributing to with GitHub 101. Some ways you can contribute are: by reporting bugs, by suggesting new features, by translating content to a new language, by writing or editing documentation, by writing specifications, by writing code and documentation (no pull request is too small: fix typos, add code comments, clean up inconsistent whitespace), by reviewing pull requests, and by closing issues. Before contributing, we encourage you to read our CONTRIBUTING guide, our LICENSE, and our README.