Space Weather

On Thursday 29 October 2015, the White House released the National Space Weather Strategy and the National Space Weather Action Plan. These documents present a national coordinated approach to improving our preparedness for space weather. Space weather events can have significant economic and human impacts, disrupting or impairing important infrastructures including air transportation, satellites (including GPS and telecommunications), and mobile communications. Directly or indirectly, space weather can also cause or exacerbate major disasters or emergencies and can interfere with or seriously degrade response and recovery efforts during disaster relief efforts.

Building on the President’s Executive Order on making open and machine-readable the new default for government data as well as on the successes of unleashing innovation and technology for disaster response and recovery, the Administration will launch a Space Weather Data Initiative.

The goals of this Initiative are to:
1) make easily accessible and freely available an unprecedented amount of space weather-related data resources on
2) engage with the private sector and the data innovators community to leverage these open data and promote the development of data-driven tools, applications, and technology and
3) expand the U.S. Government capacity for using technology and innovation to strengthen national preparedness for Space Weather.