FAFSA Application Volume Data

Get reports on the number of Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSAs) processed. One report provides the number of applications by the applicant’s state of legal residence and the other report provides the number of applications by postsecondary institution, as … Continued

College Scorecard

Too often, students and their families don’t have the right tools to help them sort through the information they need to decide which college or university is right for them. The search can be overwhelming, and the information from different colleges can be hard to compare.

That’s why, today, our Administration released a “College Scorecard” that empowers families to make smart investments in higher education. As the President said last night, we want to help families get the most bang for their educational buck.


Education in the World

  article.hentry{ display:block; } The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) collects information from around the world on education, population, economic output, productivity, labor market, and innovation themes to highlight differences within countries. This data is featured on Data.gov … Continued

U.S. Department of Education Grant Visualizations

Below you will find a listing of selected grants at the U.S. Department of Education: Office of Elementary and Secondary Education School Improvement 2010 Grants Office of Innovation and Improvement Investing In Innovation 2012: Highest Rated Applications Investing In Innovation 2011 Applications Promise Neighborhoods 2011 Applications Promise Neighborhoods 2011 Grantees Investing In Innovation 2010 Applications Promise Neighborhood 2010 Applications Ready to Learn 2010 Applicants Teaching American History 2010 Applicants Teaching American History 2010 Grantees Office of the Secretary … Continued