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In January’s State of the Union address, the President stated:

“We’re issuing a challenge. We’re telling America’s scientists and engineers that if they assemble teams of the best minds in their fields, and focus on the hardest problems in clean energy, we’ll fund the Apollo Projects of our time.” is part of that challenge and part of the larger community. The President’s challenge wasn’t issued to a select group of academics, or through a contract to a limited number of private companies, it was issued to all of us—a call to action given to all Americans, as well as citizens of other countries, and a part of our Open Government Initiative. As co-chairs for this effort, we worked with a talented group of individuals to get this site and initial data available.  We will be updating both, and count on you to use and analyze the data and resources in helping to solve some of the tough energy and environmental challenges for our Nation, and the world.

We hope is a place where communities of interest and innovative problem solvers can come together, We look forward to your feedback.

Peter Tseronis, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Energy

David Foley, Deputy Commissioner, Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration

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    I found a string of grand energy problem solutions a few decades ago, really.   They would actually assure us ample energy supplies for the future, but there's a catch, the technique for profitably reducing demand.  

    Because of our cultural belief in using profits to grow profits, by expanding the economy and its products ever faster, our "business plan" also hastens resource depletion.  The healthy sustainable solutions now seem out of our grasp because of that, as depleting ones resources makes the whole world economy unprofitable.   It's a matter of taking too much, and having it cost us very heavily.  

    There's also the simple problem of manageability, and how unprofitable it is to create an unmanageable world.   If you have an economic model that requires taking on tasks of ever increasing scale and complexity all the time, it naturally becomes unmanageable.

    When I found that our beliefs in how the economy worked in the past would keep our whole society from considering how it needs to work in the future, of course, I was totally shocked.   People who wanted to believe that controlling more and more resources at growing rates would work out… would only say "well, what if the sitution were different".  As with climate change denial, just supposing that we live in a world that doesn't work like the one we live in, was all it took to "prove" their point.    

    For more on the problem and solutions see my research and writing, like A decisive moment for Investing in Sustainability, in the current issue of New European Economy, or my site, The Physics of Happening or my blog Reading Nature's Signals and look for discussions on natural economies and on J.M.Keynes.   Basically, the solution for an economy doing this:

    Is for the economy to change form, in a way roughly as J.M.Keynes himself said was completely necessary to maintain orderly markets at natural limits to growth, like this


    It's been a few weeks since the space shuttle was retired.  Any updates on what NASA is doing now?



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    Seems Like a great project, I hope they will succeed

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    What a fantastic intiative. It is intiatives like these that we need to really rally the troops and get as many smart minds working together as possible to solve clean energy.


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