Finance Apps Page

This page highlights apps and websites that use finance data to empower citizens to make better informed economic decisions. The purpose is to illustrate the kinds of innovative apps—web- and mobile-based—that financial data can fuel. The galleries below include both government-produced apps and apps created by innovators outside government that have won Federal challenges.

This page highlights only a fraction of the kinds of applications that financial data can make possible. Have an app or website you think should be highlighted as an example of using financial data? Let us know!

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Finance Applications


Branchspot – your local banks and credit unions directory!
Whether you’re new in town and looking for a place to open an account, or you’re out on the town and looking to find the nearest ATM, we’ve got all the information you need and we’ve got it for banks and credit unions all over the nation.
Open Government Data Used: All FDIC-insured institutions

Social Security Benefits Planner

Use SSA’s planner to help you better understand your Social Security protection as you plan for your financial future. Then choose a benefit calculator to find out your monthly benefit amounts.

Open Government Data Used:

Social Security Average Wage Indices

Services Annual Surveys