Agriculture: About

This site is a centralized federal resource for Food, Agriculture, and Rural data. Here you will find hundreds of government datasets that can help enable research, tools and decision making to improve food security; apps that demonstrate the power of open data for agriculture; tools for app developers; and events and opportunities to collaborate to learn more about Food, Agriculture and Rural data and issues.


Secretary Vilsack kicked off the two-day G8 International Conference on Open Data for Agriculture on April 29, 2013. Vilsack launched the Food, Agriculture, and Rural virtual community saying that data ‘is one of the most important commodities in agriculture’ and sharing it openly increases its value. Photo courtesy of USDA.

This Food, Agriculture, and Rural community provides a unified point of data access and tools to identify relevant data sets. Providing researchers and other users of data with authoritative sources of high quality data will realize greater benefits from public research, help to coordinate effort and reduce duplication in scientific investigation, and reveal new connections for innovative uses. It is hoped that this community will foster the development of new applications and tools to improve agricultural production, human health and nutrition, environmental benefits, and global food security.


An IBM representative speaks at the officially opening the Washington Data Processing Center on April 1, 1966. Agriculture Secretary Orville Freeman stands on the left. The center uses the new IBM 360 computer to process data for all U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) agency programs. USDA Statistical Reporting Service (SRS) Administrator Harry Trelogan stands to the right of Secretary Freeman. Photo courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration.