Open government data powers software applications that help people make informed decisions on agriculture, food, and nutrition.

While we can’t and don’t endorse specific apps, below are just a few examples of government, citizen, and business tools that: use open government data from the United States; are accessible, vetted, and available; and are, for the majority, free and do not require registration to use. Submit Agriculture application suggestions at Contact Agriculture and see more examples of applications made with open government data at

Food & Nutrition Applications

Nutritionix Track

Our goal is to make it easier to understand what you eat. Through our interactive nutrition tools and world-renowned nutrition database, we help millions of consumers understand nutrition every single day.

Government Data Used:

SNAP retail locator

To find a retailer near you that welcomes SNAP EBT customers, click the “Select Location” button and enter a starting location.

Open Government Data Used:

SNAP Retail Locator



Fooducate is a free mobile app (Android, iPhone) that empowers supermarket shoppers to make healthy choices effortlessly, enabling consumers to automatically scan the barcodes of food products, and instantly see how nutritious they really are.

Consumer Price Indexes by Item

Consumer Price Index

My Pyramid Food Raw Data



The GoodGuide app can be used while shopping to instantly reveal whether a food product is healthy and produced by green or socially responsible companies. Find safe, healthy, green and ethical product reviews based on scientific ratings. More than 250,000 products rated.

Statistics of U.S. Businesses

Consumer Product Category Database

Safer Products – API

Lose It

Lose It! helps users make healthy choices by setting a clear calorie budget, track their fitness and activity level, and provide insight into their nutrition (including a great “My Plate” report on and badges for adherence to My Plate fruit and vegetable guidelines).

My Pyramid Food Raw Data

Calories for Foods 

Super Tracker

My foods. My fitness. My health. Get your personalized nutrition and physical activity plan. Track your foods and physical activities to see how they stack up. Get tips and support to help you make healthier choices and plan ahead.

Open Government Data Used:

Food Calorie Count and Nutrition Database

Global Food Security Applications

Food Frequency Method Online

A fast, low cost, effective method to assess micro-nutrient deficiencies in a developing country on a household basis, while also allowing for an aggregation to a community or regional basis quickly and effectively.

International Food Consumption Patterns

International Food Security

International Agricultural Productivity

Food Security Portal

The Food Security Portal, facilitated by IFPRI, aims to provide improved food security for the world’s poor and increased resilience of global food systems against food and financial crises. The project brings together international, regional, and country-level data, news, and research aimed at meeting countries’ immediate food security needs, as well as building long-term global food security.

Global Crop Production Analysis

International Agricultural Productivity