Calling All Health Innovators: Health Data Palooza Live June 9th

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Almost exactly one year ago, we launched a vital new HHS Open Government effort: The Health Data Initiative (HDI). The Initiative was publicly launched by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Deputy Secretary Bill Corr, Institute of Medicine Exit Disclaimer (IoM) President Harvey Fineberg, and White House CTO Aneesh Chopra at a forum held at the National Academy of Sciences.  

Health Indicators Warehouse APIs

When launched, we were thrilled to see the Health Indicators Warehouse (HIW) listed as a featured site. HIW itself had gone live recently and interest has been strong and growing steadily.  Much of the interest is in the Application Programming Interface (API) available to HIW users. 

Learning about Employee Benefit Survey Data

There are many hidden gems available through One such jewel, the Employee Benefits Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides annual data on the percent of workers with employment-based health care benefits as well as extensive details on plan features.

The new release of the County Health Rankings is terrific!

The new release of the County Health Rankings is terrific.  It’s very easy to use … and it prompts one to ask just what is the cause for the differences between health status in these counties – and more importantly, what can we do to improve health? 

2011 County Health Rankings

Today, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin released the 2011 County Health Rankings, ranking over 3000 counties in every state on their overall health.