Thanks for helping us to continue to co-create the future of  You provided feedback and this Jefferson release of reflects what you’ve been saying on Github, Quora, Twitter, and elsewhere.  We have made some of the recommended changes, and more are in the works. For changes not yet completed, follow the original posts on Quora or Github for the latest updates.

Here’s how you can help: Tell us what you think of the design and how we can improve it on Twitter, Quora, Github, or contact us.

Developers, please visit the new Developers page in to see the latest code that comprises the Jefferson release. If you notice something not working, tell us about that “bug” by filing an issue on GitHub. Follow us on Github and lend a hand by creating a pull request, too.

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Summary of Changes

  • Complete content import from, including apps, challenges, announcements, basic and customer pages, events, metrics, and blogs
  • Navigation changes in the header and footer to provide hierarchy of content (from @doughamlin)
  • Reduce number of steps to find data (from Wyatt Kash)
  • Access to the real-time catalog (from Steve Ressler and @Kaymee)
  • Update licensing language to match Project Open Data and reflect diverse data sources (from Marion Royal)
  • Created community spaces and opened to community leaders (from community leaders)
  • Redesigned pages for apps, blogs, and challenges