Who Uses Open Data?

COMPANY TESTIMONIALS ON OPEN DATA This list is neither all-inclusive nor static.  It is meant to be a growing repository of open data use cases: Appallicious  offers a mobile commerce platform, tailored for governments to deliver services to their citizens.  The … Continued

Open Government Data Spurs Entrepreneurship and Jobs

Freely available data from the US Government is an important national resource, serving as fuel for entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific discovery, and other public benefits. In the 1970s, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration made weather data widely available. In the … Continued

Open Data for a Clean, Secure Energy Future

Freely-available data from the Federal government and other sources can be a powerful input to private sector innovation. Open data can spur entrepreneurship, empower citizens, and create jobs. As just one example, data from the US Global Positioning System (GPS) have been utilized by entrepreneurs to power navigation systems, precision crop farming tools, and other innovations that add over $90 billion in value to our economy each year and have improved the lives of Americans in many ways.