Taking Data and Making It Easier to Understand

Understanding data can sometimes be daunting, especially if you’re looking at a spreadsheet with rows, upon rows, upon rows of data. To make FEMA data easier to understand, a small project team and I have been working on an innovative … Continued

Adams Release on Next.Data.gov

Since the launch of Next.Data.gov , your help and ideas have made it possible to make two updatesto the site. We’re naming these biweekly releases after the presidents so the one that launched this week is the Adams Release. We’re pleased … Continued

Tour Data.gov 2.0

As you know, last month Data.gov launched its new open-source Data.gov 2.0 catalog (catalog.data.gov). Based on CKAN, a data management platform used by many open-data catalogs around the world, Data.gov’s new catalog has received nothing but kudos from users. For … Continued

“Hiding” Right Out There in the Open

Want to know what the weather is? Today we have so many ways to find out:  check one of many sites on the Internet – or, more likely, you’ll find the temperature and links to forecasts conveniently on your e-mail … Continued

Mixing government healthcare and environmental data on the Web

Note: This is a guest blog post from developer Luke Ruth (see "About the author" at the end of this post) on mashing up Government Linked Data, leveraging Facilities Registry data from the EPA and Hospital Compare data from HHS. Luke is a welcome addition to the Data.gov/semantic community of practice!


As an undergraduate studying Computer Information Systems and Psychology at University of Mary Washington, I recently had the opportunity to perform a senior project on using open government content and Linked Data principles.