Indexing Datasets on

Until November 9, 2013, search results on and may differ.

Why? On May 9, 2013, President Obama issued an Executive Order (and OMB issued an accompanying policy memo) making “open” the new default for non-sensitive federal government data.

Before this shift, agency representatives would log on to a central database at and enter information about the datasets they wanted to make public. All of these dataset entries are preserved and you can search them on today – but no new datasets will appear on until November 9, 2013.

Going forward, federal agencies need to maintain their own data inventory listings at by November 9, 2013. Starting November 9, will regularly crawl all of these inventory listings to power one central search engine at, eliminating the manually-updated central database. Until this transition point, all crawled agency inventory listings will be searchable at As agencies bring their new data inventory listings online and/or add new dataset listings, they will appear on (and not on

On November 9, 2013, will become the new

As we get closer to November 9, more and more agencies will have their data catalogs up, and we anticipate that every agency catalog will include all of the datasets originally listed on as well as newly-listed data. In other words, the closer we get to November 9, the more robust the search results on will become.

Until November 9, we recommend searching both and for the most comprehensive results.

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