The Northeast Regional Ocean Council and Maritime Data

When it comes to ocean planning, there are multiple user groups, activity types, natural resources, and physical forces to consider.  In the face of such complexity, local planning efforts can benefit from federally funded consistent data collection and sharing, especially when involving … Continued

Liberating data for public value: The case of

Dear Open Data Enthusiasts, Below is an abstract of “Liberating data for public value: The case of,” International Journal of Information Management (2016). Abstract Public agencies around the globe are liberating their data. Drawing on a case of, … Continued

Expanding Opportunity with Open Data: A White House Demo

The White House is working with local governments and technologists who are using open data on access to opportunity to create digital tools that help people advocate for resources in their communities. This effort focuses on facilitating the development of … Continued

Open Data Roundtables

The 2016 Open Data Roundtables The Open Data Roundtables were gatherings to identify case studies, lessons learned, and best practices in open data across the Federal government. PURPOSE The Roundtables supported the Federal goal to responsibly unleash government data for the … Continued