GSA’s Fall 2015 Hackathon

GSA’s Digital Innovation Hackathon, Fall 2015 Edition, will be held at GSA HQ on Friday October 16th from 8:30am-4:30pm. We invite web developers, UX designers, SMEs, data scientists, and project/product managers to work with GSA open data in solving agency … Continued

Help Us Strengthen Open Government

Open data is key to a transparent, accountable, participatory, and collaborative open government. The 2nd  U.S. Open Government National Action Plan  called to expand U.S. open data by:  managing government data as a strategic asset, launching an improved , opening agriculture and nutrition data , and opening natural disaster-related data to support response and recovery efforts . In concert with fulfilling these commitments, the U.S. government has been moving the needle forward every … Continued

National Day of Civic Hacking – Citizens Wanted

The National Day of Civic Hacking (#NDoCH) is a national community engagement celebration with events taking place on Saturday, June 6, in several cities around the country such as Miami, Chicago, Nashville, Wichita, Boulder, San Diego and Houston to name … Continued