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Since the launch of, your help and ideas have made it possible to make two updatesto the site. We’re naming these biweekly releases after the presidents so the one that launched this week is the Adams Release.

We’re pleased to announce that much of the work was done by the Presidential Innovation Fellow, Dave Caraway, whose passion is open data and how it can be used by entrepreneurs to build businesses and create jobs. Dave’s enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge base is massive. And on top of that, he’s one nice guy. It’s a real pleasure to have him on the team.

But the truth is that Next is a group project. In the last two weeks, the conversation has been buzzing, you’ve given us a lot of great ideas, and the developers out there have been actively helping. (Thanks!) In this beta stage, we need your ideas and your thoughts as well as your coding abilities!

Here’s how you can help: Tell us what you think of the design and how we can improve it.

Developers, please visit Next’s Developers page to see the latest code that comprises the Adams release. If you notice something not working, tell us about that “bug” by filing an issue on GitHub. Follow us on Github and lend a hand by creating a pull request, too.

We want to hear from you!

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