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Request #1352

Submitted on Thursday March 26, 2015 at 10:45 am

For context, I am an IT specialist at the Census Bureau. I was reviewing your site to understand how your data relates to the data we provide and I am not clear on the level of partnership with my organization. We have a rich variety of economic indicators that are published monthly but if I were to go to your business topic, it would seem that the only topic you have is international trade (and that it hasn't been updated since May which is misleading even if the data isn't hosted by Here is a listing of the indicators:

I am reaching out because the Census Bureau is in the process of reorganizing our web content into a content management system with a different structure which will impact links that you are providing to our data. I am a member of the Econ migration team and would be happy to discuss the further use of our data with your site going forward and encourage you to look more closely at some of our economic data if you haven't already.

Forwarded to Program Director to respond and see how we can better work with the Census. The Program Director has reached out to the contact listed below.