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Small Business Lending by Institution

Request #566765

Submitted on Tuesday April 4, 2017 at 4:50 pm


My name is Leo and I'm a researcher at the University of Oklahoma. I was hoping you can point me out to data which I bet you have compiled somewhere. I am looking for bank-year or county-year level data on Small Business loan originations. Specifically, I would like to know what fraction of SB loan applications are approved by each institution (or within each county) over a given period (quarterly or yearly). I have seen on your website data store PDFs organized by state-year with how many small loans an institution makes formulated from June Call reports. Though these loans are small, I doubt they all conform to SBA standards and/or are confirmed by the administration - can you confirm or deny these details? Still, what I'm looking for is a bit more granular - approvals as a fraction of applications, similar to what the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act puts out for mortgage loans. Please let me know if you have made this dataset available and I have overlooked it. If not, would it be too much trouble to provide me access to something of the sort? Would such a request be easier to process through a Freedom of Information Act request?

Thank you in advance for your consideration,



An SBA open data lead has been notified of your data request.

From SBA: We have submitted the following request to our POC for the “Small Business Lending by Institution” reports. Will get back to everyone as soon as we receive the response. Thank you!