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Trina Daniels Williams & Isaac Williams Jr

Request #614489

Submitted on Thursday October 12, 2017 at 9:30 am

Urgent Time sensitive reply to errors found on Louisiana Census city , state public records causing data breaches and fraudulent financial activities Ilegal and unauthorized transfers on Real Estate property Homeowners Publisher Clearing House permanent mailing Medicare , Medicaid and medigap360 , liberty mutual , AIG , Americas Homeowners , Wright Flood. True legal territory and permanent jurisdiction ethics and compliance check claims , paid in full family Dream Home address 5013 Antioch St. Marrero , Louisiana 70072 update and correct database systems now on 10/12/2017


Thank you for your inquiry to Unfortunately, this is not something that or the staff is able to address. is primarily a metadata catalog, providing information about, and links to, open datasets made available by federal agencies and participating non-federal sources such as state, county, and city governments. For other information and general issues concerning the U.S. Government, please visit or use the contact form at