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VLTP (Voluntary Leave Transfer Program) Data and A...

Request #616009

Submitted on Friday October 20, 2017 at 1:25 pm

VLTP (Voluntary Leave Transfer Program) Data and Annual Leave

Any statistics related to the voluntary leave transfer program that would indicate its usage in total and by the department if possible. During any and all years that data may be available. Specifically

1 Rates/Percentages of use by total employment and department. (How many times was the VLTP program used by each department, how much was this worth, and for any amount of years the data might exist.
2 Value in USD of VLTP & total hours of transfers both with interdepartmental and intradepartmental; if possible with the break down of hours such as (sick leave, annual leave, emergency VLTP, etc) if this exists
3 Any data on leave bank usage USD amount that may exist
4 Any data on accrued annual leave by total federal employment, and or by the department in example amounts of hours, or amount in USD.

I can't think you enough, and I appreciate all that you will be able to provide. I apologize if I did not see this data online, but I did search for several says before I resorted to this.

Most Sincerely,

Bradley Osborne


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