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Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) and Congress...

Request #9822

Submitted on Saturday October 24, 2015 at 8:10 pm

Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) and Congress Appropriation Data

need some data concerning Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) as below.
Below PART data means Program Assessment Rating Tool data.

1. 2007 the PART scores and FY 2008 budget (by federal policy program) reflecting 2007 PART scores. For reference, 2008 PART data published in was made for FY 2009 Budget. Therefore, the is not relevant to 2007 PART data and 2008 FY budget data but 2008 PART data and 2009 FY budget that I don't need. I need 2007 PART scores and FY 2008 budget. Again, I already got the 2008 PART data and 2009 Budget from So, you don't need to inform of data from the

2. I also need 2006 PART scores and FY 2007 budget.
3. I also need 2002 PART scores and FY 2003 budget.
4. Additionally, Data on Congress appropriations by PART program relevant from FY 2002 to FY 2009. Please, note that it is not appropriation data by agency but Congress appropriation data by PART program.

Could you please you find it?

Thank you very much


User contacted and provided link to information.