Data in Action: the SaferCar App from NHTSA

This new app puts the power of NHTSA’s tremendous volume of vehicle safety data, including real-time vehicle safety information from NHTSA’s  site, at the fingertips of American consumers. NHTSA’s SaferCar app allows users to search its 5-Star Safety Ratings for … Continued

Administration Safety Data Initiative Challenges App Developers

Safety is the number one priority at the US Department of Transportation (DOT), so National Transportation Week is the perfect time for DOT to help launch the Obama Administration’s critical Safety Data Initiative–an historic effort to make government data relating to every aspect of safety, from transportation crime to consumer products much more accessible, and to stimulate the development of innovative apps and services fueled by those data.

We know that helping Americans gain access to practical information can help them make smarter, safer choices. So, coordinated by DOT, this new collaborative effort involving Federal agencies and members of the public aims to unleash Americans’ entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging participants to build a range of innovative digital tools and mobile applications to enhance public and product safety.


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