Launching Disasters.Data.Gov to Empower First Responders and Survivors with Innovative Tools and Data

Strengthening our Nation’s resilience to disasters is a shared responsibility, with all community members contributing their unique skills and perspectives. Whether you’re a data steward who can  unlock information and foster a culture of open data , an innovator who can help  address disaster preparedness challenges , or a volunteer ready to  join the “Innovation for Disasters” movement , … Continued

Ecosystem Vulnerability

Ecosystem Vulnerability Launch

Today, the Ecosystem Vulnerability theme page was unveiled during the Plenary Session of the ACES (A Community on Ecosystem Services) conference near Washington, D.C. The Ecosystem Vulnerability theme was formally launched, along with the Water theme, and the Data.gov Ecosystems … Continued

Ecosystem Vulnerability

Ecosystems.data.gov and EcoINFORMA

A new Data.gov community (Ecosystems.data.gov) has been launched to serve as an entry point for access to the U.S. Ecoinformatics-based Open Resources and Machine Accessibility (EcoINFORMA) initiative, including the EcoINFORMA data resource hubs (Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and Land Cover Dynamics), … Continued