CKAN Catalog is pleased to announce the launch of a new data catalog on an open source data management system called CKAN used by the data portals of the U.K., Germany, Brazil, and a number of other governments around the world.

The new catalog consolidates all of’s holdings in one easy-to-use catalog. It features a number of improvements, such as an improved search that helps you find all the datasets for a particular location, such as your zip code, better sorting and tagging of datasets, and improved metadata. now has one unified data catalog based on an open source standard that will make it easier to federate with other federal agency catalogs, as well as those of states, cities, and counties. The new CKAN catalog will also enable the implementation of the Open Data Policy, as it will easily harvest the data inventories that federal agencies will be creating under the policy. The result will be a user-friendly, comprehensive catalog that will allow citizens, developers and others to fully take advantage of the vast array of federal data that affects the daily lives of citizens.