Since his first full day in office, President Obama has prioritized making government more open and accountable and has taken substantial steps to increase citizen participation, collaboration, and transparency in government., the central site for U.S. Government data, is an important part of the Administration’s overall effort to open government.

Open Data in the United States

A large number of cities, counties, and states have open data sites.

U.S. States
U.S. Cities and Counties
International Countries
International Regions






Download the full list of Open Data Sites in the following formats: [CSV] | [EXCEL]

A number of local governments in the United States have launched their own sites with access to machine-readable data.

Open Data Internationally

Nations around the world have followed the example of in opening up a wide variety of data for citizens and businesses. Download the full list of open data sites in the following formats: [CSV] | [EXCEL]


Open Source was built with open source software, CKAN, and WordPress. Anyone, especially local, state, and foreign governments are welcome to borrow the code behind