What Kind of Climate Data Can I Find?

In this emerging climate data resource, you can find datasets and web services, as well as tools, related to coastal flooding and sea level rise. We are featuring key resources to help you get started building data layers and tools on this area of climate impact at the resources section.

Using the data, tools, and maps tabs, you can find more datasets related to coastal flooding risks to communities. If you are an entrepreneur or innovator looking for a problem to solve, visit the challenges.

Here you can find datasets related to coastal flooding risks to communities. In the coming months, we’ll feature datasets, services, and tools related to:

  • Climate change and human health
  • Vulnerability of food systems to climate change
  • Vulnerability of the energy supply to climate change
  • Vulnerability of ecosystems
  • …and more

Your input will help make Climate.Data.gov as useful as possible—please share your feedback.

11 Responses to “What Kind of Climate Data Can I Find?”

  1. Melissa Savage

    Congratulations on the new climate change site. I am looking forward to information on this imminent threat to social and natural systems.

  2. Kenneth O'Hare

    Thanks for site. Note, however, that irrespective of the wealth of data that you post, the missing ingredient in mitigation is Congressional will. Therefore, in addition to the data that you propose to post on the site, please add information on what the Administration is doing to advance passage of a revenue-neutral carbon tax with per-capita rebate to all. For example, you might post the number of personal visits the President has made to GOP members of Congress to obtain support for a carbon tax, the number of speeches on the topic of carbon tax, and so forth.

  3. Rebecca W. Gaertner

    I am excited for this new source of information and thank you!

  4. Ashley Eriksmoen

    Brilliant. Please never never take this down, this is essential.

  5. Steve Bacher

    Please add a page with links to the user-friendly, lay-person-friendly, info-graphic-type information that non-scientists can understand. Average people will give up digging. This is an opportunity to show non-scientists some persuasive data. I’m a relatively well-informed climate change advocate and I found it frustrating digging for something I can share with lay friends and colleagues. Never did find anything. Spent a chunk of my lunch hour looking and trying the tools out. Even if most of this is for data-crunchers, you should have some accessible infographics for people like me to find and share.

  6. Gene McCall

    Where can I find measurements of earth, and atmosphere, temperature as a function of time. No models, please.

  7. W. Douglas Smith

    I am retired from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where I was the first Senior Compliance Investigator (1984). This initiative is a vital positive climate change initiative to educate and inform policy makers. It is most welcome. My education is in environmental science and I have noted changes in global ecosystems for the past five decades that are remarkable from the Pine Beetle infestation to erosion and changes in snow pack, from ground water depletion to longer growing seasons, migration patterns and arrival and departure times. The costs will be massive already but much greater the longer we wait. Since my retirement in 2005 I have lectured at private and public schools (k-12th), colleges and universities on climate change and sustainability. While it is difficult to bring fundamental changes in economic culture this is a great opportunity for a third energy revolution and technological renaissance that will bring about an eventual benefit to the global economy and sustainable civilization and environment. Thank you for this effort and the necessary massive efforts that are necessary in the future.

  8. Patricia Chernoff

    I would like to follow climate change in my area (New York City) and this looks like the best way to do it.
    Patricia Chernoff

  9. This is a break through!

    it has been my passion to work on climate change issues, as it has significant impacts on poor rural dwellers due to lack of proper awareness, especially in developing countries like Africa where we live. Availability of such climate data will help a great deal in measuring a number of indices which direct link to the active factors of climate change impacts and mitigation.

  10. This is a break through!

    climate change knows no bounds.

  11. a nice post

    a nice post

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